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Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
, it is 33%, in germany, in its 29%. from april of 2014, the corporation tax rate will stand at 21%. this is the lowest rate of any major western economy. it is an advert for our country that says come here, investor, britain is open for business. [cheers] [applause] mr. speaker, we will not pass the benefits on to banks and ensure that we meet our revenue commitment. it will be increased next year. making things contribute more as part of our major reform of the banking system. we also have to be on the side of those who want to work hard. i know how difficult many families have gone the cost of living. we have had to save money. but whenever we have been able to help, we have. we have helped counsel for two years running. and we are helping them to freeze again next year. we put a cap on the rises for the next two years. so commuters are not punished for traveling to work. we are forcing energy companies to families onto the lowest part of the gas and electricity bill. and we help those. fuel is cheaper than it would've been if we started the labor crack down. [cheers] and i want
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
-distance transportation options. we did catch up to germany, france and japan. just heard this morning cioppino celebrating the 50th anniversary of their bullet train. we cannot allow china to surpass us in our next generation of infrastructure. tourists across the world will visit our high-speed rail to marvel at our civic engineering and technological prowess. this is not just at a transportation company changing the revitalization along the cities along the route. in conclusion, it is clear support the high-speed rail california. the federal program will help make it possible. what we need now is fishing. but we need now is leadership. what we need now is believed that the people of california in this country want us to invest in this type of transportation option. thank you, mr. chairman. i yield back. >> i think most of the members for joining us. welcome to join us if you think kiefer questions. we'll excuse you at this time as we bring secretary of the hood of who is witness. our second panelist is the secretary of transportation, former member of this panel from a distinguished secretar
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
grew so loud rapidly, germany and japan took off after world war ii to read these conflicts to strip a network of interest groups that might have blocked the development. obviously we don't want to have the board with interest to the system. but a political people can change in the party regime could accomplish that as the sun. this man is one of the contributions of america's party revolutions. they clean up the interest rate system thereby eliminating roadblocks to reform, expansion and the dynamism. ladies and gentlemen, let me see what else i have here. that's a chart on productivity. obviously going down from the 50's and 60's -- again if we have a declining work force for people that are retired you can make up with that. it's highly productive that isn't really happening in america. they have a blood and the internet revolution. but that is burned off as quickly. it shows the distribution by income groups and shows that i think the top 1% and a share of the growth of gdp coming and again we have the same thing going on. in the current period to read as we are boarding to speak
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
, except for the memory of communist occupation. more with anne applebaum on life in soviet east germany, poland, and hungary. the end of world war ii in 1956. from historical narrative, iron curtain, on c-span's "q&a". >> ben bernanke announced monetary actions that the federal reserve will try to take sustained economic recovery, including keeping interest rates low. mr. ben bernanke spoke to leaders after the market meeting. this is one hour and 15 minutes. >> the economy continues to expand at a moderate pace. unfortunately, however, unemployment remains high. about 5 million people, more than 40% of the unemployed have been unemployed for six months or more. and millions more have been able to find only part-time employment or have stopped working entirely. the conditions now prevailing in the job market represent an enormous waste of human and economic potential. the return to broad-based prosperity will require steady improvement in the job market, which requires longer economic growth. meanwhile, apart from temporary fluctuations in large swings in energy prices, inflation has re
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
of national security have to be looked at, whether the investment comes from france, germany, israel or china. there is a specific committee that reviews that. the committee on foreign investment in the united states. after the billions and billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign direct investment coming in involving thousands of transactions. only a hundred each year are reviewed by the united states government and only six or seven of those involve chinese companies announce a hundred the united states government reviews, out of thousands of transactions, only six or 7% are ever modified because of national security reasons. so the vast majority investment in the united states is not problematic to me very much welcome that. in fact, we at the mcg assisted a huge ambassadors for on investment into the united states and which are invited about 80 of the top chinese companies and entrepreneurs and investors have china. we actually had about 24 different states of america making presentations, showcased in the whole list of projects and opportunities for investments for
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my name is -- i'm from the awn germany. discrimination is something which no one stow -- deserves. what is the equality when young person does note get paid as much as an adult. this treatmentes unjust. we as young people need to fight and stand up for our rights and demand that we introduce an equal national minimum wage for all. [applause] >> okay, we are getting towards our end. i think we've got time for another speaker from wales or scotland. wales? who wishes to speak from wales. the gentleman there with curly hair. yes. thank you. >> i'm ben hopkins. i'm from argentine south wales. now, i understand that there are other issues we have been talking about today that some people perceive as even more important than the national minimum wage. for example, education, employment, but i ask you, members of the youth parliament. what are we before employees? before apprentices? we are people. we are human beings. we are all human beings. no matter what age, be we 18 or 38. don't we all then deserve the same minimum wage? because how can we solve problems that requi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6